GREENBOATS receives contract for the development of the “GREENLANDER-CABINEER”

With the announcement of the GREENLANDER Cabineer project, GREENBOATS has accepted its first project in the outdoor-/ caravan industry.

This is also the starting signal for the label “GREENLANDER”. The aim is to create a platform in cooperation with our customers to develop and market product solutions made from sustainable materials for the caravan and off-road industry.

Greenlander logo

“Landgang”* of Greenboats

*“[…] the gradual adaptation of aquatic organisms to a terrestrial way of life, i.e. the process of colonization by organisms previously exclusively adapted to life in the water.”

Link to Project Homepage

GREENBOATS is a proud partner of MarineShift360. Come and #joinTheShift!

MarineShift360 is a partnership-driven international collaboration that aims to drive positive, sustainable changes towards design and manufacturing in the marine industry. Backed by 11th Hour Racing as Founding Sponsor and Into the Blue as Project Partner, MarineShift360 is developing a bespoke Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) tool that enables the user to evaluate and compare materials and processes, investigate alternatives, and drive innovation to allow informed, environmentally and economically sustainable choices without compromising performance of the final product.