Product Design: Turning your product idea into sketches, renderings, illustrations, 3D model construction, simulations, and animations.

Prototype and Validation: Building a 1:1 Mock-Up or Prototype of your Design. Proof of Concept. Depending on the requirements of your project this is preceded by a systematic analysis- for more details see the section on Engineering Services below.

Tooling/ Mold Production: We provide over a highly accurate, modern, 5-axis CNC machine (4210 mm X 12510 mm X 1550 mm). For one-offs or small scale productions, we typically use wooden molds. For serial production, we offer negative molds made out of composite materials. We use a process that allows us to recycle significant parts of the paste and foam used for the production of the Plug.

Components: We are glad to provide you with all the necessary know-how to enable you to build your design yourself (see below section about Engineering). At the same time, we also offer Manufacturing Services. In that case, we store your molds and supply you with your custom components on demand.

Standard Products: We offer a range of standard as well as custom sandwich panels (depending on your requirements). We offer the panels in standard sizes (1,25 – 2,50 m), oversized (up to 3,80 – 7,80 m), as well as, CNC cut into your desired shape.

Engineering Services

1. Problem Determination: The journey starts by determining the requirements of your product. This can include tests with motion and thermal sensors, camera observation, and photogrammetry or if needed with additional research with academic partners to derive the requirement profiles and limiting factors.

2. Synthesis: Matching product requirements with possible material combinations. Here we rely on our experience of past projects, an extensive database of product properties, as well as an international network of private and public research institutions and specialized suppliers. Moreover, we perform geometry modeling with CAD to get a basic concept.

3. Analysis and Optimization: structural and/or hydrodynamic analysis (CFD and FEM) with the support of ANSYS and Life-cycle assessment (LCA) with a technical report, laminate schedule, and drawing report to get the detailed design and manufacturing process plan.

4. Evaluation: Test of mechanical and thermal component stress, trial, and LCA or if needed with academic partners to get a review or inspections.

We offer the whole process as well as single steps.