Our first 4×4 Project was a Pick-Up Cab. A young couple that traveled the world in a Land Rover Defender commissioned us to design and engineer the NFC components for their „Perfect Overland Vehicle“.

This was a great project for us to get the first experiences and learn more about the potential of NFC in this product category.

The impact of using natural materials onto the atmosphere of the interior is really a unique selling point because it makes all the difference when you are literally „living inside the product“ and traveling all over the world, from very hot to very cold temperature environments.

Moreover, this kind of application lets us take full advantage of the lightweight properties of NFC. With a weight of less than 500 Kg, owners have the possibility to add additional weight/ equipment for the trip as well as reducing the wear on the vehicle.

The design was developed together with the very talented Mr. Felix Lange from Langefrende Design.

Below some impressions from the production process: