There are different paths towards your goal.
Together, we will find the best one.

  • The processing of natural fibers is demanding. Depending on the experience of the processor and the exact requirements of the product, different approaches are recommended.
  • We help you to choose the optimal strategy to quickly and cost-effectively integrate sustainable composite materials into your existing value chain.
  • The following GREENBOATS products and services are available as building blocks to create your strategy.
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Materials specially developed for use as composites: sustainable reinforcement fibres, resin systems and core materials. Require extensive knowledge of processing composites.

A selection of sustainable panel materials based on GREENBOATS raw materials for a wide variety of interior and exterior applications. Do not require any special processing knowledge. Offer consistent and high quality.

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New and further development of your lightweight components. You determine the requirements, we take care of the rest. Our services range from design/engineering to building scalable supply chains.

A new DNA for your Product.
Our free Assessment Tool is the first step.

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In autumn 2021, the editor-in-chief of Professional Boatbuilder Magazine, Dieter Loibner, visited us.