We have developed a portfolio of Sandwich lightweight panels made of natural and/or recycled materials. The Portfolio consists of Interior- and Exterior Panels.

Our research into developing sustainable material combinations started back in 2009. Since we have been testing the materials extensively, including in the manufacture of whole sailing- and motorboats as well as for Caravan/ Camping Vehicles. Recently we even build the Cover for an Offshore Windturbine out of our Panels. We have been awarded numerous national and international prizes for our work.

We constantly working on improving 1) costs, 2) performance and 3) the sustainability of our products. Moreover, we are investing in our infrastructure to offer our clients a reliable, convenient, and scalable service.

Depending on your requirement profile, different material combinations are recommended. Moreover, we also have the offer to develop custom material combinations that best reflect your requirements. Our team will be happy to help you determine the ideal mix of materials for your application.

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Technnical Textiles

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Non Woven

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Uni Directional

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Closed  Foam: recycled PET or Bio Foam

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100% Natural: Cork or Balsa Wood

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Honeycomb: Recycled Paper Honeycomb