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Together with our clients, we want to make better products. Better meaning: more sustainability adjusted performance. More real Performance!

Exciting times ahead!

As one of the leading offshore racing classes, the IMOCA Class announced important rule changes towards a cleaner future for the sport of sailing:

For boats racing in the regattas like The Ocean Race or the Vendée Globe, the use of sustainable technologies will be rewarded, which will further support the advantages of sustainable composites!

In addition, it will be compulsory to carry out a Life-Cycle Assessment for new boats, helping to understand the actual impact of an IMOCA Yacht on the environment and to create a reliable set of data for future applications.

This and other new IMOCA rules are a great example of how a class can support the development of sustainable technologies in yacht racing and lead a change towards a greener future for the sport.

The team of GREENBOATS® is excited to be listed as an official supplier to the IMOCA Class. We are already involved in related product development projects and we, together with our partners, are looking forward to sharing more details with you in the future!

A new kind of competition

Hatch on Water

I still remember the first call with Build Manager Wade (Bubs) Morgan back in 2020: "Mate, you wanna build some IMOCA components?"

I thought he was joking. It's like asking your local car mechanic if he wants to join a Formula 1 team. And here we are, less than two years later. It still seems unreal but that brown Emergency Hatch that you see in the picture is currently (Nov 2021) sailing alongside Charlie Enright and Pascal Bidegorry across the Atlantic, competing in the Transat Jacques Vabre Normandie Le Havre!

The pioneering effort of 11th Hour Racing to make competitive sailing more sustainable can not be understated. To learn more check out this article.

Most importantly: this is just the beginning. We see a world in the making where teams compete on the level of sustainability of their campaigns. And this is nothing exclusive to one team or even one sport. We are all in this together.

Choose Action over Resignation


With Boris Herrmann and his TEAM MALIZIA, we have found an amazing partner to continue this journey. Our goal is to show what is possible within the new rules set by the IMOCA Class.

We want to get people excited about both: Off-Shore Sailing and sustainable lightweight technologies. Most importantly we want to inspire people to choose action over resignation. As Boris puts it: We are all in a Race. A race we must win.


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