GREENBOATS is specialized in the development and manufacturing of lightweight sandwich structures made from natural and/ or recycled raw materials.

We offer comparable strength values in lightweight construction such as: modern GRP yachts or caravan outer shells… with a significantly better environmental balance and an increased feel-good factor!


The German Council for Sustainable Development has awarded us the label “Werkstatt N” for our environmentally friendly initiative and we have received the “Bremen Environmental Award” for our work in 2017. In 2018 followed the Biocomposite – as well as the Ocean Tribute Award.

Origin of the material

The flax fibers, which are mainly grown in Belgium and France, replace the fiberglass, which is otherwise typically used as a standard. Compared to other natural fibers available on the market, flax fibers are not only by far the most tear-resistant, but also comparable in printing, tension and buckling to conventional glass fibers. They also supply valuable linseed oil, with which a large part of the oil base in the epoxy resin can be replaced.

As the core of the so-called sandwich construction, we rely on cork from forests in Portugal and Spain. Cork oaks do not have to be cut during harvesting, so the use is very gentle for trees and forests. Instead, they are peeled every nine to twelve years, which does not suffer from the tree. As a material, cork is light and flexible, adapting to almost any shape. In the event of a leak, cork has additional advantages due to its water-repellent properties.

Research & Development

With our work, we want to actively contribute to the development of new materials and processes. We are open to any kind of cooperation and look forward to any request.

Our vision that one day products will consist of 100% renewable and / or recycled materials WITHOUT sacrificing performance or durability.

Therefore, we are particularly interested in projects that allow us to use recycled high-performance materials for our products that try to improve the properties of natural materials.