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Exponentially growing trends such as the electrification of transport are increasing the demand for high-performance lightweight construction solutions. And while conventional composites are both cost-effective and offer great performance advantages, they have a significant negative impact on the environment.Net


At GREENBOATS we specialize in developing alternative materials and manufacturing processes that enable us to replace environmentally harmful materials with natural and recycled materials.

Our products, such as the FLAX27 Daysailer, prove that it is possible to process up to 80% natural and recycled materials with the same cost and performance.

Net Zero

Our goal is to expand product development and manufacturing infrastructure to develop solutions for industrial applications, especially in the areas of marine, aerospace, and wind energy. We see this as our contribution to the fulfillment of the “Net Zero 2050 target”. By purchasing our products you can actively support us in this mission.

Our journey started more than 10 years ago. Our first serial product, the FLAX27 Daysailer, is our proof of concept. It shows that it is possible to build sustainable composite structures with superior performance and at competitive prices.

Next to our own products, we offer B2B product development services as well as a portfolio of standardized components and panels.