NFC Off-Shore Nacelle

2020 starts for us with a very special project. We got an order to manufacture an Off-Shore Nacelle.

By size, this will be our largest project to date. Moreover, we want to show that our materials can be used not only for recreational products but also for industrial applications!

As part of the project, we will perform an LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) about the Project. Thus afterwards there will be a quantitative report, that will show how much CO₂ can be saved over the lifetime of the Nacelle by switching from GRP to NFC.

In light of the limited lifetime of a Nacelle, we believe this is a worthwhile investigation and will hopefully trigger decision-makers, in the wind industry and beyond, to rethink the materials they are using.

Our goal is that this is not a one-off project, but the beginning of a series of projects with the aim of establishing the use of sustainable materials and manufacturing processes in the production of wind turbines and other associated applications. If you share this mission and are interested in working together, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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