I love the freedom of a mobile home, but I get the itches when I see the interior of a contemporary commercial caravan. The Materials and layout just turn me off. The idea of spending time inside these vehicles rather scares than inspires me. The goal of the Green Van Concept is to create a space you feel literally home away from home.

In the market, we see a gap between „cheap“ fully equipped plastic mobile homes on the one side and tinkered, custom made conversions that require either tons of time and skills or alternatively ridiculous amounts of money, on the other extreme.

We offer a solution for the middle: Based on our Green Van Concept Car we offer Conversion Sets for all the furniture you can see in the pictures. The lengths and widths of the furniture can be adapted to the dimensions of your vehicle.

If you are interested please use our contact sheet or write an email via mail[at]green-boats.de