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Technical Data

Technical Data HP

Ready to Sail from EUR 118.950 incl. 19% German VAT

Cockpit A

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Cockpit B

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Options/ Upgrades

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Clear Coat Fiber Finish


Cork Decking

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Electic Inboard Engine

Lifting Keel

Lifting Keel mechanism

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Lifting Rudder System



Sail Upgrade

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Reacher/ Code-0

Material by Planofil

Trailer & Boat Cover


Example Set-Up Incl. Upgrades


The story behind the FLAX27


Friedrich Deimann, Founder of GREENBOATS:

"The Story of the FLAX27 started more than 10 years ago. I had just completed my apprenticeship as a Wooden Boatbuilder. While I loved my work it became obvious that wooden boat building was no longer state of the art. Modern composite technologies simply offered significantly better options in terms of costs and performance.

I was fascinated by the freedom of designing almost any shape and how it is possible to achieve the optimal strength-to-weight ratios using sophisticated engineering software.

What I did not like about composites were the materials themselves. They are simply not nice to work with and often harmful to both the health of the boat builder and the environment.

Combining my experiences in both areas of boatbuilding gave rise to my mission to create a company that produces boats that combine the aesthetics and appeal of classic wooden boatbuilding with the design and engineering possibilities of modern composite technologies. The result of this is the GREENBOATS Flax27 Daysailer. "

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