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Why do we do what we do?

We believe in a future where companies compete on the sustainability of their products and services.

By using natural and recycled materials, we are able to reduce the CO2 emissions of composites by up to 80% over the product life cycle, with the same or better mechanical properties.

However, the processing of the materials is demanding. With our products and services, we want to simplify adoption and thus significantly increase usage.

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What are we doing differently?

At GREENBOATS we have created an infrastructure that focuses on the creativity of highly qualified craftsmen. Our workshop team is able to act out of intuition and thus always find new approaches to better deal with the challenges of processing natural materials.

This is how most of our innovations come about. The workshop team is supported by excellence in technology, research and development and an environment that encourages unconventional thinking!"

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How do we measure progress?

“GREENBOATS is about developing innovative products that meet our customers' needs in terms of cost, performance and sustainability.

Think of it as a space defined by these variables. Within this space, based on our materials and our processing know-how, we can reach coordinates that were previously unattainable!”


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What does that mean in practice?

A good example is our development of components for Team Malizia's new IMOCA 60.

Customer specification:Performance: Weight ≤ carbon fiber components; As sustainable as possible; Costs may be slightly higher than carbon fiber components.

It is projects like these that form the core of our material and process competence development. With every challenge, a new customer approaches us, we gain experience and push the boundaries of what is possible with natural fiber composites.”

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Craftsmenship is difficult to scale.

Accordingly, we invest in the automation of production and digitization of our development processes.

For example, we have empirically recorded countless material data over the projects of the last 10 years. This enables us to develop components with a high degree of accuracy on the computer.

This is made possible by the use of state-of-the-art engineering software, which allows us to assess the material and process-related costs, performance and sustainability of specific components as early as the planning stage.

This reduces the lead time and cost required for our customers to make an informed decision for their product development


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For us, our sustainability is more than just a USP, for us, it is the only way to be able to continue to manufacture attractive products that inspire people and give them joy, without restricting the livelihoods on our planet for future generations. This is the basis of our actions and not a secondary aspect.

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How we see the future.

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