We believe in a future where companies compete on the “real sustainability” of their products and services.

We give our clients an edge in this race by enabling them to reduce the environmental impact of their products without compromising performance or durability.

At GREENBOATS we have spent the better part of the last decade to research and proof that boats of all shapes and forms can be build of NFC without sacrificing neither performance nor durability.

With our work we show that it is possible to largely avoid synthetic input materials when working with high performance composites. 

For our pioneering work we have received different international awards. Our work found recognition both, from the public as well as from within the industry.

The forces that a boat is exposed to in the water, are arguably much stronger than those on more or less static products such as furniture. Therefore it is save to assume that many existing GRP products can be replaced with a NFC based alternative.

In reality, however, the application of NFC is largely limited to Interior parts for the
automotive industry (interior trims for high value doors and dashboards) – other sectors such as consumer goods are still at a very early stage.

It is our mission to accelerate the adoption of natural -fibres and -core materials as well as organic based resins for mass market applications.

In addition, it is important for us to reduce pollution and health hazards for our employees in processing, for our customers when using our products and most importantly as a responsibility towards future generations.