GREENBOATS is about developing innovative products. Products that create value for our customers because we can satisfy their demand not only in terms of costs and performance but also in terms of sustainability.

Three Dimensions

Products are often reduced to their costs and their performance. In our eyes, this consideration is not sufficient. When evaluating a product, the cost to the environment/ their sustainability must also be taken into account.

Think of it as a space defined by three axes 1. costs, 2. performance, and 3. sustainability. With everything we are doing, we are trying to reach combinations of these three variables that have never been reached before.

We are doing this by creating an infrastructure centered around the creativity of highly skilled craftsmen that are able to act out of intuition and are supported by excellence in Engineering, R&D, and an environment that encourages unconventional thinking.

Our products embody our mission

For proof that these are no empty words have a look at our Flax27 Daysailer. The 27-foot sailing boat is made out of 80% natural and/ or recycled materials and has a weight of only 1.200 Kg. Pricewise is comparable with conventionally build daysailers of that size. In other words, the Flax27 offers a competitive price, superior performance in terms of weight, and incomparably better environmental credentials

Three Horizons

All of this is based on a clear vision of the future. We are convinced that sustainability will be perfectly priced into products and services. When exactly that will be the case will largely depend on bottom-up pressure from the public in terms of their consumption behavior, as well as the top-down pressure in the form of new government regulation. In the end, it will come down to technology that enables to measure and communicate sustainability 100% objectively and at close to zero costs.

Since we don’t know when this will be the case, we refer to this as Horizon 3. Currently, we are in the transition from Horizon 1 to Horizon 2. Horizon 1 describes the time from 2009 when Friedrich first started exploring alternative materials until our recent and ongoing investments into our team as well as into additional manufacturing capacities that will allow us to produce at more competitive prices and deliver to a quickly growing number of clients and customers in Horizon 2.