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We believe in a future where companies compete on the level of sustainability of their products and services. Based on the already existing know-how of GREENBOATS, we are able to reduce the CO2 emissions of Glass Fiber reinforced composites (GRP) by up to 80% over the product life cycle, while providing the same or better mechanical properties

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‘At GREENBOATS we have created an infrastructure centered around the creativity of highly skilled craftsmen that are able to act out of intuition, supported by excellence in Engineering, R&D, and an environment that encourages unconventional thinking!

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‘GREENBOATS is about developing innovative products that satisfy the demand of our customers in terms of costs, performance, and sustainability. Think of it as a space defined by these variables. Within that space, GREENBOATS can reach places no one else can!’


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‘Our Greenboats Performance range is the core of our material and process competence development. With every challenge a new customer is approaching us, we gain experience and push the limits of what is possible with natural fiber composites’



‘With our Research & Development, we actively contribute to the development of new materials and processes. We are particularly focused on projects that allow us to source and utilize recycled materials and those that aim to improve the properties of natural materials!’


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The appreciative and careful treatment of nature and the people in our environment is an essential aspect of our work for us. Whether employees, customers, suppliers or business partners, honest and open dealings with one another are important to us. We are of the opinion that long-term cooperation can only be established on this basis.

When selecting materials and suppliers, we not only pay attention to the details of technical performance, but also to the real carbon footprint of the products and the local working conditions. Since we work and trade almost exclusively with plant-based products, responsible handling of nature and species protection in the growing regions is particularly important to us.

We are constantly working on more efficient use of energy and material in our products and regularly question ourselves and our actions in this regard. Our materials and products are of high quality and durable.

In addition, we pay attention to a timeless design and robust functionality in end customer projects, with low maintenance, so that the products can give pleasure for several generations.

We take responsibility for our materials and products throughout their lifetime and beyond. For us, this means that customers can return the products and materials to us free of charge after use and how they can be processed, reused or disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner.

By using natural and recyclable materials, we currently reduce the CO2e emissions of products and materials by around 80% compared to conventionally manufactured composites. We quantify our CO2e emissions for analysis and are always working on further optimization.

For us, our sustainability is more than just a USP, for us it is the only way to be able to continue to manufacture attractive products that inspire people and give them joy, without restricting the livelihoods on our planet for future generations. This is the basis of our actions and not a secondary aspect.

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