As Boatbuilders, we are secret artists. We love to start a project from scratch, do everything ourselves, and finish it until perfection. And sometimes even beyond.

This approach paid off in the past when our mission was to show the amazing things you can create using natural materials in combination with modern composite production technologies. Our goal was to get people excited, demanding change from the industry! This required perfection. Especially when it comes to details and finish.

Today we face a different situation: We don’t need to convince anyone anymore! The demand for sustainable composites has exploded this year and we believe this is just the beginning.

Our client base is no longer limited to enthusiastic consumers but includes more and more entrepreneurs and businesses that see the unique opportunities of sustainable composites for their respective industries.

Their business plans require a reliable, scalable, and cost-effective supply chain. In this world, we as GREENBOATS can’t do everything. We have to specialize in those activities that we can do lighter/ greener/ stronger/ cheaper than anybody else.

Therefore today marks a special day for us. Because for the first time, an unfinished GREENBOATS-product is leaving our workshop. Our client will transform the components in the final product themselves so that the Product will soon look like in the video.

It will probably take a while to get used to the feeling of not being in charge of the final product. However, this approach opens up new opportunities for GREENBOATS and our clients: The production of components is significantly better scaleable and we can therewith reduce prices. Besides, it allows us to focus more on Research and Development as well as growing our production capacities.

In other words, after successfully closing the „performance gap“ we now increasingly focus on closing the „price gap“ between sustainable and conventional composites.

And of course, it is still possible to get a GREENBOATS Handcrafted product. But be aware it is a piece of art :-)!

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