What you see above is an (upside-down) scaled model of a Container Ship. Model testing with scaled models are still irreplaceable to demonstrate the behavior and the performance of ships and offshore structures, both in open water and in ice-covered waters.

Once the testing is completed the models have fulfilled their purpose and are usually disposed of. As a worldwide leading provider of model testing services, the Hamburg Ship Model Basin (HSVA), is actively looking for ways to reduce the ecological impact of their services. That’s where GREENBOATS comes in.

What makes the above model special is the fact that instead of conventional Glass-fibers, we used natural-fiber based #Amplitex form @Bcomp. Moreover, we substituted the resin system with the partly plant-based @greenpoxy from @Sicomin.

Using natural- instead of synthetic Fibers, as well as increasingly more sustainable resin systems, are first step towards a circular economy.

Most importantly, HSVA and their client are satisfied with the results and we are already looking forward to future projects.

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